What an AdWords Specialist Can Do for You?  

Do you use Google AdWords to advertise your business? If so then you know how easy it is to setup an account, pick keywords, build ad groups and start generating traffic to your website. You also know just how easy it is to spend money with pay-per-click advertising, but are you producing any profit? Read more now on ryancameron

7 ways a Google AdWords consultant can make your campaigns more profitable.

Customized account setup: Knowing exactly how to setup a campaign is crucial in order to meet your company’s goals. Most people simply set there account up the way Google ‘recommends’ unknowingly setting their self up for less than desirable results.

Improved Targeting: Properly targeting keywords, ads and landing pages is crucial to the success of your campaigns. A Google AdWords consultant helps ensure that you are targeting the right prospects – prospects that will spend money on your product or service.

Improved keyword selection: Choosing keywords for your campaigns may seem simply at first but to make money with AdWords you must find keywords that are relevant and have high search volume. Other variables include market competition, bid cost and quality score. Better keywords translate into better targeted traffic and lower click costs.

Improved ad copy: The ‘one ad covers it all’ philosophy is a thing of the past. Writing very specific compelling ads with a strong call to action will not only get more clicks but will improve ad rank. Having multiple ads’ covering a multitude of keywords is imperative if you desire to stand out from the competition.

Lower Click Costs: A Google AdWords specialist understand the metrics involved in improving your quality score. Improved keywords, ad copy and quality score lowers click costs and conversion costs. This translates into more profits.

Increased conversions: Receiving visitors to your website is only the beginning. Converting customers and increasing your sites profitability takes proper data translation, campaign optimization and possible landing page changes.

Better decisions: A Google AdWords specialist will help you interpret your campaigns helping you make smart, profitable decisions within your account.

The little things make all the difference in a good campaign and a great campaign.

Hiring a Google AdWords consultant for a one time optimization can be very beneficial to any campaign. Deciding to hire a specialist long term is recommended for long term growth and increases return on investment. Google offers a list of certified partners you your local area. Simply search for Google AdWords Certified Company’s.

Brian is a Google Certified Partner who specializes in AdWords Pay-Per-Click Management.

He takes pride in working with Tennesseans new to the idea of acquiring customers and sales from the internet and with those who want to expand their current online marketing efforts. His team offers personal online marketing consultation and turnkey services that will effectively ‘ Carbon Copy ‘ your business message and branding onto the World Wide Web.